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標題: [URGENT]OOP考試格式大不同!!! [打印本頁]

作者: fung83    時間: 2006-6-19 12:29 PM     標題: [URGENT]OOP考試格式大不同!!!

來自DSO,SCC203 Examination Information

SCC203 Object Oriented Programming (2006)
Examination Information
Examination Details
Use StudentConnect to confirm the SCC203 examination details and the venue that you should attend. I have been informed of the following details (but you should confirm these with Student Connect).

Date:        Tuesday, June 20       
Time:        9:15 am       
Reading Time:        15 minutes       
Writing Time:        3 hours       
Status:        Closed Book       
Materials:        Pens and pencils.
A calculator is not allowed.       

Examination Format

This examination is divided into two sections, A and B. You have a total of three hours in which to complete this examination. Students should spend approximately 50 minutes on Section A.

Section A contains 50 multiple-choice questions (1 mark each). These questions are to be answered on the special answer sheet provided.

Section B contains three compulsory parts: B1, B2 and B3.

B1 has 1 question: (70 marks)

You are given a small UML class diagram.
You must write 2 classes, including functions for these classes.

B2 has 2 questions: a and b  (30 marks)
In (a), you will need to draw a UML class diagram. It will be the UML diagram of B1 but extended using inheritance.
In (b), you will write the header files only (i.e., .h files) for the classes of part (a).  One class will be an abstract class.

B3 has 4 questions: a, b, c and d (30 marks)
In (a), you will need to write a C++ class with some data members
In (b), you will add a constructor to this class.
In (c), you will add an overloaded operator to this class.
In (d), you will write a simple main function to create an object and demonstrate the usage of the overloaded operator..

You must answer all questions in section B.
Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.
Start each question on a new page.

Answering Questions: Hints

Read the questions carefully.
Answer the questions concisely. Quality is expected, not quantity.
Providing answers to questions that are not on the paper will not help you.
Portions of answers receive marks too. If you know part of an answer, then write this instead of leaving the page blank.
Write clearly. If the lecturers cannot read your writing, they cannot mark it.

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要90分 ......
好耐冇試過咁多分數先pass la 勁似會考
作者: fung83    時間: 2006-6-19 08:42 PM



作者: superfrancis    時間: 2006-6-19 08:43 PM

hei i am scary of that
i felt finished all the  thinik
but ......................................
i want keep going study but can not study anymore

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